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Pre/Early European Contact

What do we know about the diverse communities that inhabited the Americas prior to European contact? This theme underlines the sophisticated technologies, organizational structures, and diversity of Native American communities prior to 1492. Here you can also help your students understand the devastating realities of colonization on Native peoples.

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Native American Slavery in Latin America


In American history, the narrative of enslavement focuses on the Atlantic Slave Trade and the horrors these individuals faced upon...

Latin American Colonization


This unit will challenge the Eurocentric narrative that describes a peaceful, progressive colonialism of Latin America. It will allow students...


"Westward Expansion"

What perspectives and realities does the term “Westward Expansion” forget? Who or what was expanding westward? This theme uncovers how the movement of European-American settlers from the Eastern US impacted Native American communities.

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We Are Still Here 

What are the contributions, interests, and concerns of Native American communities today? Most American History classes in secondary schools don’t mention Native Americans after the late 1800s. This theme underscores Native Americans’ dedication to serving in the US military, efforts at preserving their diverse cultures and languages, and ongoing struggles linked to the history of colonization.

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Native American Identity


The question, who is Native American, is essential to understanding Native American history and their interactions with European settlers, and...